Muslim children around the world are sinking and losing themselves and their emaan under the evil influences of media, games & environment.

We shape Muslim children into leaders by helping them unlock their potential, create a lasting impact in the world and rise as a light for the ummah"

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Inspirational, fun and engaging tafsir videos for children age 8-15. 

Do you want your children to understand the power and the success salah brings in our life? Do you want your children to understand the reasons we pray, so they are even more motivated to pray? Do you want your children to love their salah even more and look forward to the incredible blessings it brings in our lives? Then this is the book you MUST give your child. Why do we have to pray? Why do we have to wake up so early for fajr? Why pray everyday? How will my salah help me? Why do I have to pray early? Don't just tell your children to pray but strenthen their emaan and love for it, by helping them understand "Why" we pray. This book is not like the multitudes of great books out there, on the topic of "HOW we pray" or to simply to tell children that they must pray. Rather this is a book that goes DEEP into reasons, uses exciting and relatable anecdotes, engaging stories to help children understand the various benefits they will enjoy from praying


Letters of hope by our children to children of Gaza

Have you ever wanted to just reach out and hug a child in Gaza? Today is your chance to reach out to them. Alhamdulillah. with the help of some sisters in Gaza, we are distributing letters to children in Gaza to let them know that we are with them, they are in our thoughts and duas, to share our love with them.


How to help your children reach paradise through you?

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