Don't miss what parents' are saying about our programs

"Emaan Power is an amazing concept! To be able to interact, learn and share with other students worldwide from your own home made the course so accessible. This course has been hugely beneficial for my son who is now Addicted to Emaan Power and eagerly awaiting the next course ( an Addiction I have no complaints about :-)"

- Sajida, UK

"This class bring the islamic teaching into practice and help the child adopt islamic beleives and way of life without even trying or feeling "different" It inculcates the basic values of life in them and gave them a new respect for islam as the best way of life. Muneer really learned about Rasullulah SAW and gained a new respect for him SAW and the companions."

- Swalehah Khouratty, USA

"This is the second course my son has taken with Eman Power. It's surely is Eman boosting, & to learn in a new & easy way! I recommend all parents to sign up with Eman Power. I personally feel you should consider doing adult classes too, as I've also benefited from the course along with my son Jazzak'Allah'Khair for sharing your knowledge on Islam."

- Rubi, UK

"I loved the course, my son was looking forward to the classes,and buddy sessions.And I can see he feels like he is doing well by insisting in living islam,and that there's other muslims that also have islam as their lifestyle,very important for kids in non islamic countries."

- Romy, Australia

"The Hero's of Islam course was absolutely amazing. Our little girl learnt a lot and we feel that it was worth every cent. Jazakallahu khairan."

- Dr. Sajeena, Singapore

"My son's perspective to see world has now changed Alhumdulillah. He now sees Allah's greatness by reflecting on the things around him. In everything now he finds qualities of Allah. Moreover, he now likes science subject, to find how Allah created all things.. Jazakiallahu khaira Ariba sister!"

- Umm Abdullah, UK

"MashAllah I saw a huge difference in my 10 and 8yr olds. They are way more aware and conscious of Allah after taking the course. We would often remember Allah on our nature walks and park trips but after the course, the kids have so much more to say in amazement and awe of Allah's creation. The projects also really encouraged them to consider community work as their own work! Making the world a better place is something they're constantly discussing now :) The fact that the course was online, helped them manage their screen time better too. Instead of wasting time on the computer or iPad they are eager to research more about science and Islam."

- Mamuna, Canada