“Attending Rising Heroes Is The Single FASTEST WAY To Raise A Strong Confident Muslim in 2024!”

What would be the cost of losing this opportunity this year for your child in today's world, where they are everyday being weaked and influenced by evil?





For MUSLIM PARENTS who WANT to MORE for their kids

Who want to raise OUTSTANDING muslims not just "average" muslims

Do you feel like your child is too DISTRACTED by THIS DUNYA and is LOSING their CONNECTION with ISLAM?

Are you concerned about the EVIL INFLUENCES of the WRONG COMPANY AND MEDIA on your child?

Do you want your child to become a successful and CONFIDENT MUSLIM part of a COMMUNITY OF MUSLIM KIDS WITH HIGH STANDARDS?

But you just don't know how?

Rising Heroes is the SOLUTION for YOU!

I believe Allah(swt) has created massive potential in each one of our children. RISING HEROES is the experience through which I have helped children, just like yours, from around the world bring out the very best in them and I would love to help your child do the same this year!



  • LEARNING FROM THE LEADERSHIP CHARACTERISTICS OF RASULULLAH(SAWS) (Not youtubers/tiktokers/social media influencers.. sinking their moral standards)

Protect your children from the influence of friends who only drag them down further with them and give them company which raises their status in this world and the next!


"I am Muhammad Haticoglus’ mother. He had attended your rising  heroes and mashallah today he is the HEAD BOY of Grade 7 in AIC Perth. JazakaAllah khayr for your course Rising Heroes , he really benefitted from that course, it increased his self-esteem and gave him the confidence that yes I can do great things as well."

- Pinar, Australia

Muhammad, who is just like your kids
a good boy, but shy, with low self-esteem, held him back from reaching his full potential

Then came the Rising Heroes framework, a supportive community, and expert mentorship – the missing ingredients that finally set Muhammad on the path to greatness!

During the Rising Heroes program, Muhammad became a vital part of the team behind The Bully Busters show.

Picture this: He had the guts to interview a famous sheikh visiting his community to promote the show.

Talk about stepping out of his comfort zone!

His nervousness could be clearly seen on his face  during the interview, but Rising Heroes gave him the courage to walk forward regardless of his fear rather than be paralysed by it!

Not only that, he went the extra mile and delivered a professional khutbah on bullying, contributed to creating a captivating website, and played a pivotal role in producing the show.

Muhammad blossomed into an inspiring force to be reckoned with in just 8 WEEKS

And guess what? Muhammad's mom couldn't contain her joy and had to reach out to me with this incredible news

He is the head boy of year 7!

Sisters, just imagine your child becoming a shining light that illuminates the world, leaving a profound impact wherever they go.

It's time to unlock your child's extraordinary potential through the Rising Heroes program. Join our community of ambitious Muslim mothers  who are committed to propelling their children to greatness!

rising heroes

This is an opportunity for your children to become strong confident Muslims , instead of wasting away this precious time, this is the opportunity for them to RIGHT NOW experience leadership and taste the power of making a difference in the world, an experience most people never get to have in their life

In today's world, where most kids are wasting themselves, games, youtube, and social media, all of which kill their emaan and self-esteem.

Rising Heroes is the opportunity for your children to use their abilities for the sake of Allah.

During Rising Heroes kids spend 8 weeks, working alongside a team of Muslim children to create solutions for REAL WORLD PROJECTS (Such as helping Disability Awareness, Orphans, Bullying, Racimsm and more...)

In the process, gaining a boost of Emaan, self esteem, gaining problem solving skills, creativity, decision-making skills and sense of purpose.

A few PAST Rising Heroes Inspiring Projects

The journey of doing this work led to an incredible transformation in the personalities of children who went from "I am ordinary" to I am an extraordinary servant of Allah" in just 8 weeks!

  • Orphans Guardians - Created a happiness journal for orphans, created an online carnival that raised $3000
  • Bully Busters Show- Created a weekly talk show Khutbah, Bully Busters website
  • Racism Rangers - Wrote and performed two plays on racism online, comic about Racism, a Website, Racism Awareness Live Shows
  • Mental Health - Created a weekly talk show talking about Mental health, Super muslim gets sad”, mini movie on depression, videos on mental health
  • Disability Awareness Festival
  • Campaign for Uighur Muslims
  • A virtual protest for Palestine
  • Helping the homeless, organizing fundraisers, and making cards for the homeless people.
  • Recycling Olympics Event, Comics and Videos by Project Planet team.

"My child is too distracted with social media, youtube, video-games, and the wrong company...he doesn’t listen to me anymore..I am afraid that if he continues on this path he will lose his connection with Islam, I am afraid of the decisions he will make and of what he will become…I wish I had done more earlier...... please, what can I do. ?"

Are you doing enough to bring out the VERY BEST in your child?

Sadly, over the past decade of teaching thousands of kids online, I have received hundreds of messages like this

The heartbreaking truth is that we are losing our children to billion-dollar media industries.

Depression and suicide rates are consistently increasing in children as young as 10-year-olds, in US Depression rates rose from 5.4% in 2003 to 8.4% in 2011–2012.   ( Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics , 2018

Much more than depression we see a lack of motivation in pre-teens and teenagers,

who don't want to go anywhere or do anything.. except ... sit in front of a screen... or read a fiction book


Even the things they liked to do, they don't really feel up to it

Where is that youthful energy?

What is dragging the spirit of our youth?

The instant gratitude of games, social media and the negative influences of our environment has stolen the energy, the motivation, the spirit of children.

Why bother working hard when you can just play a game or post
something online to get some fake achievements and feel good?

Life seems dull, hard and boring

Their problems keep getting bigger and bigger

And their self-esteem lower and lower

What will be the future of these children?

This is why they need RISING HEROES in their life

To revive that energy, that spirit

To achieve some real results, feel what excitement and contentment of making a difference in someone else's life.

Nothing is WRONG with your child

Let me tell you...your kids are not just "lazy", "unmotivated" "oversleepers"... They have so much potential in them! A potential so great that if unlocked could change the world!

For all of history, up until the last 50 years or so a 14 yr old would be a fully contributing member of the household and community. They were involved in all aspects of life, not told to sit in the "kids corner"

At the time of the Prophet (SAW) youths like Usamah ibn Zayd were eager to participate in the mission to spread Islam with the Prophet (SAW) and do whatever they could to contribute to society because they were given the opportunity to do so, adults around them believed in them, who challenged them and helped them grow into leaders.

"...but youths before were different…"

WRONG! Allah didn't create our children to be less than the previous great generations!

Allah (swt) has blessed each one of them with the great potential, talents and capabilities, to become great khalifas of Allah on earth

If today we accept that "they are just this way" and "All kids are like this" then we are lowering our expectations and our standards for them

Do you believe in your child? Do you see incredible potential in them?

Do you just don’t know how to help them bring out the hero in them?

RISING HEROES online leadership course will give your child the right challenges to make him realize his true potential. This will make him motivated and excited to wake up and give his contribution to the world!

The world is at a turning point, great conflicts and challenges lie ahead .... HAVE YOU PREPARED YOUR KIDS TO SURVIVE IN THIS WORLD?

Temptations and evil are rising at unprecedented levels in this world.

There is ZERO doubt about the fact that the majority of the kids growing up today will NOT be able to cope with the challenges that lie ahead.

Schools are NOT preparing our children for this world, as any advanced education researcher or employer will tell you today.....

Will your child surive this world? Will they thrive in this dark world or will they crumble under the hardships that lie ahead?

We see evidence of this already in rapidly growing depression rates even among children.

Children with low self-esteem, surrounded by peers they are desperate to fit in with 

will easily fall, get influenced and bend like a weak tree.

Do you want your children to be among those who are easily negatively influenced or those who stand strong becoming powerful influencers of good in this world?

No matter how dark times get, there are always some who shine in difficult times. Our Prophet Muhammad(saws), and companions are great examples of this...

Those who were not weak, easily shaken by life's hardships, easily influenced by their environment, but rather those who were a light for others in dark times.

"I am brave and confident now. I can always make a change in the world and that if anything is wrong I can always change it slowly "

Rijah Sarmad, 9, UK

“I used to have a lack of focus and my parents knew I was very smart but because of my lack of focus I did not do what was expected. But now I feel like a leader and my focus has increased a lot. Its all thanks to rising heroes”

Ahsan Aamir, 10, Saudi Arabia

Who is your child going to be, one who is easily shaken or one who is a pillar of strength for others?

This is the reason I created Rising Heroes…a program that doesn’t “teach or preach” in the traditional way but gives children an experience that strengthens and empowers them with confidence and practical skills to face great challenges.

That’s why so many Rising Heroes today are leaders in their communities and schools, using their confidence, creativity, and problem-solving skills, to charge ahead of others, lead the way for others

I have designed Rising Heroes specifically for kids of the 21st century because that traditional way of sitting in the classroom hoping one day it will have an impact, is NOT ENOUGH!

Rising Heroes is the NEW PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE that will bring your kids out of their victim mentality “I can’t” attitude, low motivation and low aspirations that are weakening them every day.

Rising Heroes,

  • An experience that helps them become problem solvers, who can overcome any obstacle in their way and not be those who run from problems or crumble under them
  • Become a force of good, the influence of good in this world like the messengers were not those who are easily influenced by new trends and evil in this world
  • Break through the victim mindset, make excuses, develop a HERO mindset, take responsibility
  • Leave the can’t do attitude leading them to failure and average life and develop a CAN DO attitude that opens the path to unlimited success for them
  • The company that raises their standards does not sink it, role models, inspire them not influence them to sink.

Times ahead are tuff, but Allah is on your side, and he will always send you exactly what you need.

But to take action is in your hands, and you have little time to do so before you no longer have the power to influence your kids.

Rising Heroes was a course that literally woke my child up from a sleep..redirected my son’s attention from trivial things"

"The Rising Heroes was a course that literally woke my child up from a sleep. He now looks at world problems and feels his voice matters. And that he can come up with solutions. He is more confident about himself. This is the type of course that should be done over and over again. It teaches values that need to be practiced life long. I would highly encourage everyone to try this course with a sister Ariba atleast once to understand which direction we need to be taking our children to.

I felt this program redirected my son’s attention from trivial things (games, food, friends etc) to real life problems around him (orphans, wars, lack of resources). Also he got out of his comfort zone and started thinking of solutions and even approached political figures to raise awareness and find solutions.

He no longer feels he is a child and helpless."


"Now I can talk to more people without being so nervous most times.

I'm more confident.

I'm not in my pajamas on my parents’ bed playing robots anymore.

And I realize I don't have to wait until I'm older to make a difference"

- Nabeel, Rising Hero

Save them from sinking into a purposeless existence

This is the opportunity our children are desperately in need of to save themselves from sinking into a purposeless existence, from losing themselves in the world of temptation and distractions.

Imam Shafi didn't leave home as a teen, to find a teacher to study, just to get a good grade, so he can get a good job


He did it because he had the aspiration of his mother, to be a light for the ummah.

What is your child's aspiration? What is your aspiration for your children?

To simply get good grades, get a good education, make money?

You can give your children today the opportunity to raise their aspirations, teach them to rise higher than what they even think they are capable of right now.

Learning from the leadership characteristics of the greatest leader RasulAllah (SAWS) and his companions.

This generation is looking desperately for a purpose, they don’t find it so they look for it in games, in the fake wins, or they just distract themselves wasting time in meaningless activities to not think about it.

We need to give them a real purpose, and real challenges, and help them be real-life heroes.

Our children are killing themselves (killing their time, spirit, hearts) , in front of our eyes, and we are helpless.

What can I do? How do I pull them out of it?

Hoping one-day things will turn out ok..... HOPE IS NOT A STRATEGY

You MUST take massive actions to pull your children out of it.

In the times we live...

If your goal is to raise good kids, you will end up with kids who will eventually leave Islam or become "non-practicing" muslims

If your goal is to raise excellent muslims, you will end up with kids who are "so-so" muslims

Your goal MUST be to raise outstanding muslims!

The only question now is, do you believe they can transform into a strong Muslim or do you think it's too late?

Do you believe your child is worth the investment?

“It helped me step out of my comfort zone, and stay calm when talking in front of people and presenting. I also learned some comforting mechanisms when I panic or get stressed, and how to tell myself that everything was going to be fine and it isn't much of a big deal.”
Arlen, 12, UK

“Persistence. I usually quit projects I start with but it taught me to get back up and start again”
Khadijah Bello, 14, Saudi Arabia

The course benefitted me in multiple ways. Firstly, it helped me grow more confident and out of my comfort zone. I did things that I never imagined I would do. An example would be sending emails to famous people and GPs. I would never have imagined doing this before the course. Also, it helped me to be more positive and become a problem solver.”

Mariam, UK

My daughter has grown more confident and has developed lots of self-respect through this course. Especially from week 5 onwards, she started contributing more to the team, learned to work in a team and meeting expectations, learning to appreciate others' talents and be appreciated in return for her talents. A big thank you to the Emaan Power Rising Heroes team.

Fathima Nazila, United Kingdom


- Susan, UK

"...you are creating a new norm for children, you are raising the bar for them, they see this new norm exemplified in children their own age…they understand this is the norm and I am not just sitting on the couch"

Aysha - Spain

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for raising standards, especially in 21st-century context. Most of the kids in schools and in the environment are only talking about games, about showing off, about fashion…to find a group of kids that are talking about objectives that are above all of this is really important. We have seen a lot of progress, in our children's thinking, even in their discussions with family, with friends" -

Khadija & Omar’s Mom

"Rising Heroes went way above my expectations…children were hardworking, they have great characteristics they model all these postive things to each other, it raises their bar…

they think I can do better, they get encouraged by these good values…
…children from all over the world, from different backgrounds and different ethnicities all working together for a better society,

to be better people and be better muslims… this was amazing,

you wouldn’t find this in any other course"

Susan - UK

"My son now looks at world problems and feels his voice matters.

And that he can come up with solutions.

He is more confident about himself.

He got out of his comfort zone and started thinking of solutions

and even approached political figures to raise awareness and find solutions.

He no longer feels he is a helpless child"


How are so many Rising Heroes becoming head boys/girls and strong Muslims?

Rising Heroes successful teaching formula has been proven to be highly effective by the research initiative of Harvard Graduate School of education under Project Zero (2015). 

After studying the teaching method these were the FINDINGS:

This method provides students with exposure to important student development areas such as collaboration, empathetic thinking, problem-solving, and confidence. The confidence developed through the project improves academic scores as well.

Training to be leaders of change in this world

Through Rising Heroes, children experience, and gain knowledge to be leaders, so they don't grow into helpless adults who don't know how to inspire change but rather KNOW exactly how to lead change.

Rising Heroes focuses on

developing and strengthening 


1. Massive Boost in Confidence & Self-Esteem: Words, stickers, stars, DO NOT grow confidence and self-esteem, our actions that are done for the right purpose do! Rising Heroes is that opportunity to give your child a massive boost of confidence and self-esteem. So they don't grow into weak Muslims easily influenced by others and shaken by hardships of life.

2. Know how to Serve Allah with their gifts and abilities: Kids discover gifts and abilities Allah (SWT) has given them, unlocking their incredible potential and working with the purpose to serve Allah, Instead of spending life never knowing what they were capable of, so they don't sink into low self-esteem and depression thinking they are incapable and worthless.

3. Instilling the “Can do” attitude Instead of living with a victim mindset, feeling incapable, making excuses, blaming others, trying to escape from problems, responsibility, and feeling helpless. They learn to be heroes who can design solutions, become responsible, and face challenges in life.

4. Community of Muslim Kids with higher goals raising their standards: they work with a community of Muslim kids who are also striving at a higher level. They are with kids who aren’t simply concerned about games, sinking each other's moral standards. All of this has a massive impact on their mindset, raising their standards Supporting and inspiring each other through their journey of growth.

5. Learning the Leadership teachings and ethics of Rasulullah (SAW) and his companions: Learning from the leadership practices of Rasulullah (SAW) and his companions. Increasing the gratitude and love for Allah (swt)  for all the talents and gifts Allah has uniquely blessed each child with

6. Higher aspirations and motivation: Children start to see themselves as capable, they realise a higher purpose for their abilities, taking on the hero identity, all leading them to reach out to higher opportunities at school, instead of lowering their aspirations and standards like most kids today

7. Problem-solving skills and unleashing their creativity: Teaching your child how to design solutions to practical problems shaping them into confident problem solvers, and training them to think outside the box to find solutions. So that when life throws obstacles and challenges their way, they don't give up and stop, rather they know every problem is an opportunity to grow into a hero!

8. Instilling a higher sense of responsibility and seriousness about life During the project, children are self-motivated and take on big responsibilities, which gives them confidence in themselves to be responsible people. They start reflecting on problems around them, instead of just worrying about having fun, as most kids do. They begin to speak up more and be concerned about other people.

9. Courage: They learn to WALK with fear, instead of letting it hold them back, like it does millions of people, whose dreams die in their hearts due to fear. They learn effective strategies to deal with real-life issues like dealing with criticism, overcoming their negative thoughts, how to learn and grow from their mistakes

10. Learning to value their time: When children see the impact they can make with their time, they truly begin to value it, much more than other children who easily waste themselves away.



Rising Heroes is an EXPERIENCE to help children PRACTICE the teachings of deen.

Children are not lectured in Rising Heroes, but rather MENTORED on their path of BECOMING strong confident Muslims

"I appreciated how it connected everything to the seerah and showed us that everything we do can be correlated with Islam"

Ibrahim khan

"Just some fun skills and activities for kids" - NO

Rising Heroes gives children a strong sense of purpose.

They are not doing activities just to learn some skills, for a grade, or just for fun.

Rather, they are working together with Muslim kids, with a very strong sense of purpose which is for the sake of Allah(swt)

Just doing activities, which lack a strong purpose/intention, will eventually leave our children not motivated, at best maybe children get to learn some new skills and engage in just something productive.

Rising Heroes, on the other hand, is a PURPOSE-DRIVEN program, with the mission to serve Allah(swt), leading children to gain skills, confidence AND EMAAN. Strengthening their Identity as muslims

"Just another Islamic course" - NO

If you are a Muslim parent whose just wants her child to be an average muslim or just a good person.

Then Rising Heroes is NOT for you.


Who desire to see their children become GREAT MUSLIMS. Muslims who...


- NOT easily INFLUENCED BY OTHERS. Rather, they are the ones INSPIRING OTHERS.

- HAVE HIGH STANDARDS and HIGH ASPIRATIONS and HIGH SELF ESTEEM work towards them, rather than thinking, "I am not good enough." "Its too hard"

Are you that parent? Than Rising Heroes is an experience that you MUST give your child!


Life changes in a moment. Today, your decision will change the direction of your child's life!

If you act today, believing in the potential of your child, you will open a door for them to rise higher than ever before!

Delaying this decision, or deciding to close the door, WILL ALSO HAVE a cost.

Are you ready to pay that cost?

There are only so many years you have to be able to influence the future of your child.

One influence, one bad friend, one video, or one bad role model can lead your child down a path that can make it too hard to bring them back.

Can you really afford to risk another year going by without giving them this empowering experience?

This program is not free it has a small cost that you will need to invest in the future of your child.

However, there is NO RISK. If you are not happy, you can get a 100% refund.

So the only question is, do you really want to RISK the future of your child.

“It helped me step out of my comfort zone,

and stay calm when talking in front of people and presenting.

I also learned some comforting mechanisms when I panic or get stressed,

and how to tell myself that everything was going to be fine and it isn't much of a big deal.”

- Arlen, 12, UK

Mashallah!! This course is well made to address its own promise to rise an hero in your child ; which is there but they might not knew before, its provides that emaan filled environment where a child can learn and grow in wisdom, knowledge of Islam, their inner powers, skills in a fun interactive way with the amazing teacher as a Mom/friend, role model, and fellow Muslim friends around the world !

And it’s a peace of mind that they are using their time and thoughts with a guided company through technology to be part of these rising heros around the world! Alhumdulillah

Zarghuna and Khurram, USA

What is all this worth to you?

How do we achieve these incredible results?


rising heroes

Children understand the Islamic ethics and leadership characteristics

of Prophet Muhammed (saws) and his companions and

learn to be grateful for the talents Allah (SWT) has blessed them with.

These are the necessary conditions for the work to take place. 

Students are then guided to understand situations empathetically,

imagine solutions and then put those solutions into action. 

Through this process, children develop essential skills to become

confident and thriving Muslims in the 21st century


Emaan, is NOT belief in your heart.

Emaan is the belief that shows in your actions.

The greater good we do in this world, the greater our emaan grows.

Here are the 4 core factors which lead the Rising Heroes to experience a massive boost in emaan

  • MASSIVE GOOD DEEDS - As children develop a passion for their team's cause, they work with a sense of purpose for the sake of Allah for 8 weeks! Multiplying their good deeds, their reward and boosting their emaan through their amal/actions!
  • POWER OF GOOD COMPANY - Our company shapes who we become. Rising Heroes are an inspiration for each other, Muslim children racing together to please Allah(swt). Imagine the impact of such a company on your child every week!
  • Gratitude - Children discover how VALUABLE their gifts and abilities that Allah(swt) has blessed them with, and the impact they can make with them. Leading them to feel much more grateful to Allah for THEIR OWN SELVES!
  • Practical knowledge and wisdom - Children learn how to apply Islamic knowledge as they go through the different phases of the program. Helping them realise the value of our deen, moreover, applying it in their life during these 8 weeks.




Worldwide community, 2 hours interactive class per week, weekly learning material, final group project.  

In the Program Offering and F.A.Q. sections below you can find out all the details about our course structure, our different offerings and find the answers to all your questions! 



Taught live by Ariba Farheen 

The value of the course is a result of 10 years of experience of training thousands of children across the globe, perfectioning the content and the ways it is delivered to teach in 8 weeks principles and practical leadership methods that will positively impact your children’s lives forever and that they will eventually be able to pass on to their children and the generations to come. 


I am Ariba FarheenI am the founder of Emaan Power. 

In the past 10 years I have helped over 100,000 of young Muslims across the globe to discover their potential and be confident Muslims who contribute to our society. My mission is to empower our young generations to be proud Muslims who can create a positive impact in the world and who will be able to lead our Ummah in the future. 

Ariba Farheen is the Creator of online courses like: My Guide to My Mother’s Heart, Enter My paradise, Tafsir for kids, Company of RasulAllah, Science in the Kingdom of Allah and many more. 

She is also the author of Children’s books such as:  Best seller Discover the power of salah, Moments from the life of RasulAllah, 15 ways to develop khushu, Etiquettes of learning. 




- Nafisa, UK - 

"I find it fascinating that information that high level stuff you usually find in an adult leadership course is being passed in this course to children. In a way that is very child friendly, very enjoyable. Very transformational and practical. "


Afif is very happy and has become confident that he can do many things. It is his very first platform to do such work. He learned many things from you. Specifically, your appreciation made him confident. Parents should join this great project. Thank you so much for your great work.

Mosammat Arina, Kuwait

My daughter has grown more confident and has developed lots of self-respect through this course. Especially from week 5 onwards, she started contributing more to the team, learned to work in a team and meeting expectations, learning to appreciate others' talents and be appreciated in return for her talents. A big thank you to the Emaan Power Rising Heroes team.

Fathima Nazila, United Kingdom

I saw a sense of responsibility in him, more care towards parents and as a whole, towards family and friends around him, more confidence in doing teamwork and making new friends, managing his time and his schedules. Wisdom is sparkling in him Alhamdulillah. MashaAllah he's able to handle different situations and has more faith in Allah (swt)".

Zarghuna and Khuram, USA

I can see Maya has grown more mature and can manage her attitude even when she faces challenges

Silvia Vitarie

Mashallah!! This course is well made to address its own promise to rise an hero in your child ; which is there but they might not knew before, its provides that emaan filled environment where a child can learn and grow in wisdom, knowledge of Islam, their inner powers, skills in a fun interactive way with the amazing teacher as a Mom/friend, role model, and fellow Muslim friends around the world !

And it’s a peace of mind that they are using their time and thoughts with a guided company through technology to be part of these rising heros around the world! Alhumdulillah

Zarghuna and Khurram, USA

I appreciated that I was able to help a lot of people. I overcame my shyness. I worked hard. I was brave. I tried to help the group as much as I could.

Maliha Rahman, USA

I have lots of things that I've always wanted to do, but I thought I could do it when I grew up. This course helped me learn that I can even do them now...It helped me gain confidence, It helped me feel more like a leader.

Saniya, Maldives

I can say for this summer, I  actually did something productive. It gave me the opportunity to be a leader and force myself out of my shell.

Tariq, USA

In this course, I learned that you don't need to be someone big, like someone that has a high status to make a difference and help people.

Rahma, New Zealand

I appreciated how it connected everything to the seerah and showed us that everything we do can be correlated with Islam

Ibrahim khan

The course benefited me in multiple ways. Firstly, it helped me grow more confident and out of my comfort zone. I did things that I never imagined I would do. An example would be sending emails to famous people and GPs. I would never have imagined doing this before the course. Also, it helped me to be more positive and become a problem solver.”

Mariam, UK

“I really recommend this course for other children to learn about self-appreciation and leadership 

Nada, USA

Today when you sign up for RISING HEROES

With All These FREE GIFTS!

  • Mothers' Weekly Growth group meetings on Zoom with our expert psychologist: Every week you will be able to join the mothers of our community in uplifting Zoom meetings to discuss motherhood, share experiences, and learn new tips and advice, with the guidance of our expert psychologist.
  • WEBINAR - Protecting kids from pornography by Dr. Omar Husain: Discover effective strategies and expert counselor tips to safeguard your children against the dangers of pornography from Licensed Professional Counselor Associate Dr. Omar Husain.
  • WEBINAR - Building Resilience in Kids by Psychotherapist Najwa Awad. Discover invaluable strategies and techniques to cultivate resilience in kids, enhancing their ability to navigate challenges and thrive in an ever-changing world. Help your kids develop inner strength, adaptability, and emotional well-being, providing them with a solid foundation for success.

Is It Really Worth It?

I want you to imagine...

Your child racing towards Allah alongside muslim children to make an impact, instead of wasting away their time in a company that sinks their moral standards.

Imagine them making one single friend for life who is always pulling them towards Allah(swt), a fellow Muslim leader.

Them finally seeing I CAN, I can make a difference, I have the power, I am able, growing in self-esteem, confidence, raising their standards

As they see the impact of the value of their gifts, they value themselves more and become incredibly more grateful to Allah for the way he created them with these incredible gifts, that are valuable to this world

Strengthening their relationship with Allah, striving harder in their worship and service to Him(swt)

It leads to them finally having higher aspirations, and reaching higher, striving harder!

They start working harder, become more responsible, dream for bigger more important things in life

They reach for higher opportunities to be a head boy/girl in their school.

Their results are 2x, 3x ...EVEN 10x what they used to be!

They are living with a clear direction of what they want to achieve in life instead of wasting themselves away like other children

Their self-esteem is strong, they don't bend to please others to seek validation from their peers anymore, rather they stand strong, influencing others with good.

No matter what happens in the world tomorrow, they stand tall and strong, a confident strong muslim, a pillar of strength, a force of good in this world!

I know what you’re thinking...

“Www, Ariba, these are some hefty promises you’re making... but how do I know it’ll work for me?”

I will tell you straight and just say it-

Among all the courses, books, programs available today

“Attending Rising Heroes Is The Single FASTEST WAY To Raise A Strong Confident Muslim in 2023!”

Of Course, There’s The Other Option...

The option where you could do it all alone. 

Or you can continue the same old traditional education hoping that will one day make an impact, while the evil of this dunya keeps eating away at their heart.

But you and I both know these options are not enough

Plus, it can often lead to pain, stress, frustration, toxicity in relationships and unnecessary mistakes because you have no one there to give you a clear direction. 

Our children need more than knowledge today, the need role models, company and most of all PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE that brings their spirit alive!

Save yourself the pain of all and the stress of watching your children waste themselves away and sink in the Dunya,

You don't have to do it alone!

...and Join Rising Heroes!

You will gain from my 17 years of teaching experience and the company of like minded parents and their children also racing towards Allah(swt)!

“How Much Does Rising Heroes Cost?”

Great question. 

The kind of professional training and coaching, (part of which are concepts which are taught in engineering colleges, professional entrepreneurship courses costing thousands of dollars, bringing in experts in the field to help kids in their projects) Rising Heroes offers would cost $100 per hr/session.

Plus Rising Heroes includes bonuses such as mothers fortnightly meetings with professional psychologists, worth over $250 USD

That's already over $1050 USD

That's still cheap considering the breakthrough this course can have on your child for an entire lifetime. 
We’re not going to make you pay $1050 USD.

We’re Not Even Going To Make You Pay HALF That Amount. 

Even though that means we have to cover the costs on our own, I want to do whatever it takes to make sure I see your kids there

That’s why after much back and forth and working out the costs, we were able to reduce the costs to $500 USD, but we knew we could do better.

So we chopped it down again to $360 USD for entire 2 months program!

Thats right just $360 USD can open the path for all this incredible success and transformation for your children.

All you need to ask yourself now is, is your child's future worth $360 USD to you?

Is $360 too much of a cost for the chance to give your child an empowering practical expereince that can massively boost their self esteem and confidence?

Emaan Power is on a mission to raise the standard of Islamic education for the entire Muslim ummah, to raise a generation of muslims who strengthen each other. This has to begin with your investment in your own child's education!

I have made the investment of money, time, and effort and so has Emaan Power team.

However, unless you make the same investment in your child, this vision cannot come to fruition for your child.

It has to begin with you putting your child's future, their akhira first and investing in your child

If we don't then really do we have the right to complain about our children choosing dunya over akhira, being unwilling to sacrifice to make the hard effort for akhira?

A Sadaqa Jariya that continues growing!!

"The likeness of those who spend their wealth in the Way of Allah, is as the likeness of a grain (of corn); it grows seven ears, and each ear has a hundred grains. Allah gives manifold increase to whom He pleases. And Allah is All-Sufficient for His creatures' needs, All-Knower." Chapter 2, Verse 261

This is truly a win-win situation. You spend just a little money and what do you get back? Success in this world as well as the hereafter

It was narrated that Ibn Umar said: “Allah has called them abraar (righteous) because they honoured (barru) their fathers and children. Just as your father has rights over you, so too your child has rights over you." Muslim, 1159 

A child has many rights over his parents, and one of the important rights is his right to education. Majority of us are very particular about the choice of schools, the quality of education for our children, but have we really thought about imparting them proper Quranic education and understanding? An education that actually matters? 

What would it cost to not make this decision today or to delay it?

Are you willing to pay that cost?

I know for some of you this may still be a hard decision, but you can make a hard decision today or live the hard life tomorrow!

Today you can decide to give your children the knowledge that can strengthen them to face the world with all its temptations and challenges…

Tomorrow you will not have this power or influence


I know your children will love the course! 

Are you still not sure about it? Great news! I know it’s an extremely precious gift for their life so I offer a FULL REFUND, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If your child for any reason, doesn’t enjoy the course, we can REFUND YOU BACK FULLY within the first week of the course! 


“If you want your child to be a hero tomorrow, you have to be a hero TODAY” 

- Ariba Farheen-

8 Weeks Online interactive course

Weekly learning material and videos about the leadership characteristics of Prophet Muhammed (saws) and companions

1 YEAR FREE ACCESS Mother's community with zoom meetings fortnightly with professional help

Community of Muslim Kids from all over the world with Higher standards

(Discounts of up to 50% available for siblings and groups)

Installment options available

Our Rising Hero Zaeem talked about how facing challenges together in a team helped in discover new sides to himself that he didn't know existed before.



How can I register?

You can select from any of the three options available here and proceed to check times and register

I want to experience a trial class before registering for the course

You are welcome to register for a free trial class for the course here:


How long will the program be? 

The course is of 8 weeks with 2 hours Live weekly classes

What are the timings for Live Classes:

You can choose from different options available according to your time zone:

Sunday 11 AM EST(US)/10 AM CST/ 4 PM UK/ 7 PM Dubai

- Sunday 10 AM UK /7 PM Sydney/1 PM Dubai/5PM Singapore

How will the course be delivered?

Live interactive classes are taught on Zoom app and weekly material and discussion are done on Student Portal

How long will the classes be?

Live classes are of 2 hours with 15 min break

Do kids get a certificate after completing the course?

Upon successfully completing the course, students will be awarded with course completion certificate

What if my child is not yet 9?

Rising Heroes is for children age 9 to 15 years. This is an intensive live course which demands full active participation from the child, that is why we don't offer this course to younger kids

Will we get the recording if a Live Class was missed?

Yes, class recordings will be shared through emails and on Student Portal

What is the fee structure for this program?

All the details are available on the registration link

Is there any discount for enrolling 2 or more kids?

Yes we offer massive discounts for registering more than 1 child of 20-50%. You can view all the details on the registration link

Do you offer any instalment facilities?

Yes, a 2 and 3-month installment facility is available.

How can I pay?

Payment can be made either through a Credit /debit card and Paypal.

How does the refund guarantee work?

You can ask for a full refund within 1 week of the course

Will you have a time suitable for every country?

Yes, we will organize all the groups to suit different time zones

How will the course material be shared?

Weekly Updates will be sent through emails and all the course material will be available on Student Portal

I still have some questions to ask how can I contact you?

Please feel free to contact us support@emaanpower.com