Emaan Power Programs

Video Pacakges and Live Interactive Courses

Names of Allah

Strengthen your children's emaan with the knowledge of who is Allah (swt) 

A collection of over 31 videos covering many of the names of Allah(swt) in depth

Tafsir Part 2

Tafsir video that shows you how to show your children how much they and all their actions matter and how much Allah loves them.

Over 31 videos covering many aspects of seerah.

Tafsir Part 1

Help your children connect with the surahs of the Quran they often recite in salah, with this fun and inspiring videos of this tafsir package.


KNOW many of the beautiful characteristics of Rasulullah(saws) and more importantly LIVE his example.

Live Interactive OR Video Collection with over 30 videos

Signs in Science

Use Science to strengthen Emaan and help kids love Science for the sake of Allah!

Science in the Kingdom of Allah

Come closer to Allah (swt) through the Science of His creation .

Live interative mini group classes for children

My Guide to my Mother's Heart

Give the guide to your heart to your children, help them understand better the depth of your love for them and feel truly blessed and loved, inspire them to be the one that reaches jannatul firdaus through you.

Memories Of RasulAllah(saws)

To cover the every day gems from his life, that give us glimpse into the character of the Prophet Muhammad(pbuh), so your children can learn to their behavior model after him, delivered in a way that children can connect to it with their life in 21st century.

Live Interactive OR Video Collection