Do you want your kids to love salah and go to it without needing constant reminders?  

Do you want them to understand the great benefits salah brings in our everday life, so they are motivated to pray rather than dragging themselves to it?  

Do you want your kids to become responsible for their salah?  

Then this class is exactly the powerful dose of inspiration your children need, to help you in achieiving all this and more, like it has already helped over 283 families all over the world!!




Establishing Salah Class + Establishing Khushu (Humility) in Salah Class

Age 8-15, One Off Class 1hr 30 mins All classes taught face to face by - Ariba Farheen  

 (Timings available in all various zones)  



What if your daughter or your son wakes you up for fajr?

What if they asked you to help them become responsible for their prayer?

What if your child started praying on their own, everyday, without needing you to remind them?

How wonderful is the happiness of knowing that your child is from the musalin, the ones who pray...knowing that they will be protected, they are close to Allah(swt), they are going to be fine!

How wonderful is knowing that you have raised a child, who is excellent in his/her prayer?

These and more are true experiences from numerous children that I have taught in the Establishing Salah and Estabilishing Khushu class over the past 5 years. Here are just 2 examples

 "Yes, she jumped up for Fajr salaah, and I was already praying when I heard my bedroom door open because she was coming to wake me." Nausheen. USA

"As soon as the class was over, my 10-year-old son, who so far relied on me to remind him to do his salah, made me print him his own salah timetable for the month, stuck it on the wall in his room, and took responsibility for his own prayers! " Umm Kyra, UK

These 2 classes, only come around twice a year, and Alhamdulillah, everytime after the class I get to hear wonderful stories of the absolute turnaround in the salah of children, who were inspired and decided to be eager and responsible for their prayer

Do you believe that the success of your child lies in their salah?

Are you tired of nagging your child to pray and want them to take responsibility of their own salah?

Do you want your child to love their salah, not be lazy in it?

Do you want your child to run towards their salah, and not run away from it?

Then how can you miss these two classes?

Over 283 children in the past 5 years have benefited from these classes and now its children's turn! 

We have limited places in each time slot, so don't delay as you will end up missing and this class won't come back again for another 6 months

1. Establishing Salah Class 

  • Powerful motivational stories from the lives of the Prophet (pbuh) and the companions
  • Be inspired to pray regularly, on time, without nagging 
  • Deeply impactful class for kids which has helped many children love their salah
  • Understand reasons - WHY DO WE PRAY? 
  • Understand cosquences of both, praying regularly on time and not praying. 
  • Praying at school. challenges and overcoming them 
  • Zoom classes, Face to face, interactive class 
  • One Off Class - 2hr 30 mins (With 2 - 15 min breaks in between)

2. Establishing Khushu Class

  • What is Khushu? 
  • What difference does it make if I have khushu or not? 
  • DIfference between praying for the love of Allah vs just getting it over with 
  • Inspirational stories about Khushu 
  • Almost half of the class is about several practical tips for khushu for children, in different stages of Salah - Before, during, after 
  • Wudu and Khushu - whats the link? 
  • Our conversation with Allah(swt) in Salah 
  • As serious and important as this issue is, this is probably THE most funny Power class. 
  • Small Group 8-10 kids, Face to face, interactive class 
  • One Off Class - 2hr (With one 15 min break in between)

For those who are new to Emaan Power online classes, let me explain a bit more of how things work :

  • Class is held in a small groups
  • I will teach all classes 
  • Face to face, (webcam highly recommended). 
  • Kids can see me and I can see them 
  • Its very interactive :) 
  • We laugh a lot :))) 
  • We learn a lot more 
  • And most of all we are inspired!! 
  • Its totally safe :) 
  • You can attend from anywhere in the world, I have timing options for most time zones. 
  • You will get the recording and notes after the class

What are parents saying?

"Yes it has now before I had to keep yelling at them now jus a lil reminder that it's namaz time"


"Alhamdullillah wake the boys up with whisper in their ears now for fajr (salah is better than sleeping) both will be out of bed take their wudhu and do the azan. Inspired by the story of Sayidina Umar r.a. Before they will take a longer time / reluctant to get out of bed. Syukran jazeelan. " 

Rozita Samat, Australia  

"As soon as the class was over, my 10-year-old son, who so far relied on me to remind him to do his salah, made me print him his own salah timetable for the month, stuck it on the wall in his room, and took responsibility for his own prayers! He also discussed with me how to do his prayers that day since he was going out. I am so grateful alhamdulillah, that now every time he feels too tired or busy playing when it is prayer time, I just quote Sister Ariba's video about the war horses, and off he goes!" 

Umm Kayra, UK  

"Sister Ariba May Allah swt bless you with great rewards in thia dunya and akhira..i am so pleased to share that after this class zoha kept telling all members of the house why is it soo important to get up at fajr. Believe me the next morning she was up right at azaan time without an alarm clock and she came to me and said mama lets pray fajr and woke up her father and stood by his bedside till he got out of bed. May this practice continue for life and Allah swt has truly made u an inspiration for not only the students but for parents also. JazakAllahu khairan kaseera!!"

 Sabeen, UAE  

"My son really enjoyed the class and according to him Areeba is the best teacher in the world and amazing booste of emaan. That is half the job done when it comes to children learning about religion to keep them interested and engaged. Jazak Allah khairun kaseerah "


"Amazing eye-opener course where the children (and the parents) hear it the way it should be heard. Excellent teaching style and wonderful teacher!"  

"My son enjoyed it very much and he is more willing now to pray on time with us. And he said that he would lime to register for him if there is any other class like this."  

Ozlem, US  

 "Yes, she jumped up for Fajr salaah, and I was already praying when I heard my bedroom door open because she was coming to wake me."

Naureen Ahmed, USA

"Asking to be woken up to pray Fajar!"  

I would definitely give a shout out to all parents to enroll their kids in this class. There can't be a better gift u can give them in life. Asma , KSA

 "MashaAllah - Zainab sits up immediately and with smile when I whisper to her its fajr time!" 

Nosheen , USA

My daughter loved the class and here is what she has to say about it. "I think it was awsome! I loved it!" And said she would like to do this one again but all classes were booked. InshaAllah in future if it is offered again. JAK 

Onaiza Ansar, USA

"The children have a lot more understanding of what their duty is and the importance of salah and therefore try a lot more to be ready properly"

A Mother, UK

Mashallah very good presentation. My daughter really liked it and she didn't move from computer for one and a half hour! I really liked the way sister Areeba involved the kids in question and answer . I would highly recommend these presentations and look forward to more. Good job??  


"My son enjoyed and immediately saw positive changes after the class such as no procrastination to solah! Thumbs up!" 

Nurbee , Singapore  

This class is delivering important knowledge about Salah in a way that children can get interested and understand. MashaAllah. May Allah give barakah for classes like this. 


Live, Face to face, Interactive Class


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