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Memories of RasulAllah (pbuh)

Ambassadors Program

Assalamu Alaykum. Our Affiliate Partners are genuine, supportive, produce outstanding results, earn incredible commissions, and, most importantly, change the lives of thousands of Muslims for the better. We'd be delighted to have you join us.



  • The cost of the Memories of RasulAllah Course is $142 one child and large discounts for multiple kids and group registrations
  • Affiliate Partners receive 25% commission per registration.

What You'll Be Sharing

For pre-launch content, we do what we’re known for best - highly actionable, educational and useful content videos. We often hear that our free videos provide more value than some paid programs.

Tools to Help You Achieve Higher Conversion Rates

Several of variations of promo artwork for you to choose from.

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After Launch

For the past 10 years, I have helped thousands of young Muslims across the globe to discover their potential and be confident Muslims who contribute to our society. My mission is to empower our young generations to be proud Muslims who can create a positive impact in the world and who will be able to lead our Ummah in the future inshaAllah.

Here's what the students and parents said about us:


Launch Dates

  • 1st October, Friday
    First Video
  • 2nd October
    Registration Opens
  • 18th October, Friday
    Registration Closes


We want your time as an Affiliate Partner to be as simple and rewarding as possible. Answers to the most frequently asked questions can be found below. If you have any further questions, please contact us at support@emaanpower.com – we are happy to assist.

  • What Is the Memories of RasulAllah (pbuh) Course Affiliate Partner Program?
    The Memories of RasulAllah (pbuh) Affiliate Partner Programis a small group of promotional partners who support us in spreading the word about our course, and together we change lives. We are committed to integrity and transparency, and we work tirelessly to protect both your and our brands. Affiliate Partners spread the information about our course Memories of RasulAllah (pbuh) and its other related promotions via social media, blogs, and emails. Affiliate Partners earn a commission on all course registrations referred by them.
    All Affiliate Partners agree to provide support to anyone who registers for the course using their code as stewards for our students and extended ambassadors for the brand. We are deeply committed to our collective customer base and ensuring that each and every student understands that they are more than just a sale or a commission check; they are a valued customer by us and the partner who referred them.
  • How Are Affiliate Partners Selected? We go through an application and selection process to ensure that we are all a good fit and can form win-win relationships. To be sure, we work to keep the group small — not to exclude anyone, but to help us maintain personal relationships with our Affiliate Partners. Something that simply cannot be done when the group becomes too large. Above all, we want people promoting the course who truly believe in our mission.
  • What Are You Looking For In An Affiliate Partner? We’re looking for Affiliate Partners who are aligned on every level with the integrity, spirit and mission of Emaan Power. We review each Affiliate Partner individually including their brand, messaging, commitment to service, reputation and where applicable — their personal story of how Emaan Power has positively impacted their life.
    We want folks who have a creative plan for promoting the program as well as a concrete plan for offering support and adding value to those who use their link to register in the course.
    We take brand integrity, customer experience, and our mutual industry relationships very seriously. Plus, we take the fact that registration to the course is a big investment to heart! It’s a significant amount of money for customers to invest, and potentially for you to earn as an affiliate. In a world that can be perceived as full of online scams and shams, it’s vital that we all hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and our guidelines help make that happen.
  • Do I Need To Have A Large List Or Tons Of Followers On Social Media? Nope. Our Affiliate Partners have both big and small lists. We do not strictly look at list size or social media numbers when choosing Affiliate Partners. We do look to see if there’s engagement and that your audience is in alignment with the course' mission.
  • How Many Affiliate Partners Do You Have?
    We like to have a relatively small group of Affiliate Partners so that we can offer the very best support to them. The number of Affiliate Partners fluctuates each year.


I Would Love to Promote Memories of RasulAllah (pbuh) Course, How Can I Do That?

Alhamdulillah! We’d love you to apply.


Please know that due to a large volume of applications, we only reply to those who are a fit for the program.

Applications are taken on a rolling basis.