Strengthening Muslim Children Around The World

Featured Students

  • Muneer, USA

  • Zara, UK

  • Safa and Abdul, UK

  • Raghda, UAE

  • Faris, USA

  • Iman, UK

  • Nadeeya, USA

  • Raheem, UK

Student's Work

Zainab Malik, USA - Heroes Of Islam

Zainab hosted a charity stall for her Heroes Of Islam Project.

She started by making paper bags and bead jewelery and ended up having a huge sale! With many of her friends and community contributing. She raised over $400 MashaAllah!

Esa Rashid, Scotland - Company Of RasulAllah(saws)

Esa had a very creative idea to give Dawah. He made baloons and attached beautiful bookmarks with hadith on them to give Dawah to school children.


Mahmoud and Nafisa, UK- Science In The Kingdom Of Allah

In the Science In The Kingdom Of Allah course, the students had to take on a project to do something to help the environment. MashaAllah Nafisa and Mahmoud came with an idea to sow seeds in Nigeria on behalf of the deceased. Check out their blog


Ayman, Australia - Company Of RasulAllah(saws)

Ayman made excellent flyers and distributed them to various people and at events in Melbourne MashaAllah

Khaliq Miller, UK- Science In The KingdomOf Allah

Khaliq did an incredible job educating people at his school about the environment as a young Khalifa of Allah. He made a presentation, games, handouts, posters to educate the children about recycling and their responsibility towards the environment

Zuha Yasir, UAE- Science In The Kingdom Of Allah

Zuha came with an amazing idea for her Khalifa Project. She made pendants using recyled material such as old magazines, shoe boxes, etc. She then sold them to people, and raised money for providing food for over 50 poor fasting people.

Zayd Lateef, US - Science In The Kingdom Of Allah

Zayd loves animals especially birds! So he came up with a plan to make bands and sell them to raise money for a charity that takes cares of the birds.

Bilal Zaidi, UAE - Science In The Kingdom Of Allah

Bilal was very inspired to educate people about environment especially using paper bags. So he made paper bags out of old newspapers to distribute to people. He also made a poster to educate people about the damage of plastic bags, to display in various masjids

Aaliya Safdar, UK- Company Of RasulAllah(saws)

Aaliya made a wonderful video about Prophet Muhammad(saws) to educate the people about our beloved Prophet(saws)

Rahma Abbasi, UK- Science In The Kingdom Of Allah

Rahma did an awesome bake sale at her scout club to help raise money for her a water well in Somalia.

Muneer, US - Company Of RasulAllah(saws)

 Muneer an excellent made flyer and distributed it to various people.